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Welcome to Hotstuffdropship Online Ordering Platform
What is drop shipping and how does it work?

Sell merchandise on the internet, auctions, home parties, catalogs or anywhere without buying it first!

- Buy only what you've already sold! Sold one item, that's okay, you're able to order just one and not a whole dozen!!

- Eliminate inventory, packing, trips to the Post Office or UPS and paperwork!
We do the work for you!!

- Don't pay for shipping twice! First to you and then again to your customer!!

- Quit wasting your time taking pictures and writing descriptions! Use what we have already put together!!

-Drop shipping is direct ship your customers orders in your behalf. Whenever possible we will provide you with tracking numbers for your orders.

Drop shipping is designed to help retailers who are operating a catalog mail order, Internet, Home Party, door to door or fund raising business. Flea market vendors, retailers and others who wish to purchase singles of an item instead of by the dozen or by the case load, also use it to help reduce their costs and increase their profits. No need to spend thousands of dollars on inventory, you need only buy what you've already sold.